Using the Focus Assistance Functions

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Using the Focus Assistance Functions



In order to focus more accurately, you can use two focus assistance functions – peaking, which creates a clearer contrast by emphasizing the outlines of the subject, and magnification, which enlarges the image on the screen.

You can use functions simultaneously for greater effect.

You can also use the [Other Functions] > [Custom Function] > [F. Assist. B&W] setting to switch the screen to black & white while using the focus assistance functions.


The camcorder offers two peaking levels. Select the level before activating peaking.

1 Open the [Select] submenu (under [Peaking]) to select the peaking level.

[ ] > [Select] (under [Peaking])

2 Select the desired level and then press SET.

3 Press the PEAKING button.

  • The peaking icon ( ) appears at the lower center of the screen and the outlines in the image will be emphasized.
  • Press the button again to turn off peaking.
  • Alternatively, you can use the [] > [Peaking] setting to turn peaking on and off.



Press the MAGN. button.

  •  appears at the lower center of the screen and the center of the screen is magnified approximately 2 times*.
  • Press the button again to cancel the magnification.

* The magnification that appears on the LCD screen and on the viewfinder screen is different. The magnification also differs based on the video configuration.


  • Peaking/Magnification appears only on the camcorder screen. It will not appear on an external monitor connected to the camcorder.
  • Peaking/Magnification will not affect your recordings.
  • You can use the [] > [Peaking 1] and [Peaking 2] settings to set the color, gain and frequency of the two peaking levels independently of each other.
  • The camcorder features professional video scopes (A88). You can display the edge monitor to help you focus even more accurately.
  • You can use peaking together with the edge monitor. In such case, The gain and frequency of the peaking effect will be adjusted automatically according to the gain settings of the edge monitor.


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