Adjusting the Focus

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Adjusting the Focus



The camcorder does not have automatic focus control and focusing is done manually using the focus ring on the attached lens. Nevertheless, the camcorder offers focus assistance functions to help you adjust the focus more accurately.

C300 only: You can adjust the focus of an attached EF lens remotely using the Wi-Fi Remote application.


Adjusting the Focus Manually

Turn the focus ring on the attached lens to adjust the focus.

1 If the attached lens is equipped with an automatic focus function, set the lens to manual focus mode in advance.

  • Refer to the instruction manual of the lens used.

2 Turn the focus ring to adjust the focus


C300 On some EF lenses the focus ring will be disabled when the focus mode switch is set to AF. Be sure to set the focus mode switch to MF in advance

C300 Remote Operation Using Wi-Fi Remote

After completing the necessary preparations you can adjust the focus remotely from a Wi-Fi-enabled device using the Wi-Fi Remote application.

1 Set the focus mode switch on the EF lens to AF (autofocus) mode.

2 Press the one of focus controls to adjust the focus as necessary.

  • Press one of the controls on the [NEAR] side to focus closer or one of the controls on the [FAR] side to focus farther away.
  • There are three levels of adjustment - [<]/[>] is the smallest and [] the largest



  • If the focus mode switch on the EF lens is set to MF, you will not be able control the focus through remote operation. Depending on the lens used, remote operation may not work correctly.
  • If you focus manually and then leave the camcorder with the power turned on, the focus on the subject may be lost after a while. This possible slight shift in focus is a result of the temperature rising in the camcorder and lens. Check the focus before resuming shooting.

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