Recovering Data on the CF Card

Article ID: ART133302 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 10/22/2015


Recovering Data on the CF Card



Some actions, such as suddenly turning off the camcorder or removing the CF card while data is being recorded, can cause data errors on the CF card. In such case, you may be able to recover the data on the CF card.

Operating modes:

1 Insert the CF card with the data to be recovered into the camcorder.

2 When the screen prompts you to recover the data, select [Yes] and then press SET.

3 When the confirmation message appears, press SET.


  • This procedure will delete clips shorter than 10 seconds in length. Additionally, up to 10 seconds will be deleted from the end of clips on the CF card.
  • In some cases, data may not be recovered, such as when the FAT32 file system is corrupted or the CF card is physically damaged.
  • While recording on a CF card, you can recover data from another CF card by inserting it into the other CF card slot.

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