Selecting the CF Card Recording Method

Article ID: ART133304 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 10/22/2015


Selecting the CF Card Recording Method



The camcorder features two useful CF card recording methods, relay recording and double slot recording.

Relay recording: This allows you to continue recording on another CF card without interruption if the CF card you are using becomes full. Relay recording is available from CF card slot A to CF card slot B, and vice versa.

Double slot recording: This records the same clip simultaneously to CF cards, which is a convenient way to make a backup copy of your recording while you record

Operating modes:

By default, this function is activated. If it has been deactivated, follow the procedure below to activate it.

1 Open the [Relay Rec] submenu.

[Other Functions] > [Relay Rec]

2 Select [On] and then press SET.

To use double slot recording

1 Open the [Double Slot Rec] submenu.

[Other Functions] > [Double Slot Rec]

2 Select [On] and then press SET.


  • When the bit rate is set to 50 Mbps (A55), relay recording is not available during slow motion recording.
  • If a CF card becomes full during double slot recording, recording on cards will stop. On the other hand, if an error occurs with one of the cards, recording will continue on the other card.
  • Double slot recording cannot be used with relay recording or slow & fast motion recording

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