MF Toolbox freezes when scanning on a Mac

Article ID: ART133365 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 04/10/2019


Move third party data source file from TWAIN Data Sources folder or delete Canon data source file and reinstall latest driver.


Third Party Data Source File

If MFToolbox  quit unexpectedly when launching or freezes when trying to scan, move third party data source files from the TWAIN Data Source folder*.

  1. Open Library, Image Capture, and TWAIN Data Sources, and select the data source file.

    *If there is only the Canon Data Source (in the case of network-capable models, there will be 2 sources), then delete the file(s) following the steps below, then download and install the latest scanner driver from the Download Library at the Canon USA web site.


  2. You can temporarily move the data source to another location such as the desktop or if the file is no longer in use move it to Trash.

    1. To move the data source file, drag the file while holding down the command key ( ) to another folder or to the desktop.

    2. To move the file to Trash, select 'Move To Trash' from File menu.


  3. In the Finder menu, select 'Empty Trash' to delete it.

  4. In the Apple menu, click 'Restart'.

  5. Now, launch the scanning application to use the scanner.




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