Using the WP-V4 Waterproof Case (VIXIA HF M50 / HF M52 / HF M500, LEGRIA HF M52 / HF M56 / HF M506)

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Using the WP-V4 Waterproof Case (VIXIA HF M50 / HF M52 / HF M500, LEGRIA HF M52 / HF M56 / HF M506)


This case is watertight to a depth of 40 meters(130 ft.), and it was developed for divers who want to shoot movies underwater.

WP-V4 Waterproof Case Design Specifications

Battery supportedBP-718 / 727
Operable buttonsPOWER button, START/STOP button, zoom lever
(Menu settings can be established using the wireless controller.)

Underwater mode specifications

Underwater modeSurface mode
Minimum object distance
(AFoperation / Distance from the glass front of the waterproof case WP-V4)

Wide endMiddle rangeTelephoto end
UnderwaterApprox. 5 cm (2 in.)Approx. 75 cm (2.5 ft.)Approx. 35 cm (1.1 ft.)
In the airApprox. 5 cm (2 in.)Approx. 1 m (3.3 ft.)Approx. 40 cm (1.3 ft.)
Zoom speed Fixed speed setting (same as speed 3,2,1; also operable using remote control)
variable setting:It becomes the fixed rate of about 3.5 seconds(wide end <-> tele end)
AF Normal AF
(Instant AF disabled)
Face detection OFF ON
AWB Underwater-only mode
(Low-temperature side limited, high-temperature side extended)
Same as AWB in P mode
AEEquivalent to P mode
Thermal shutdownShutdown at high temperature warning provided
Others Auto slow shutter use disabled/AUTO setting for microphone/OFF setting for mic attenuator

  • Use these recording programs when making recordings while the camcorder is in the optional WP-V4 Waterproof Case.
  • When using the [Underwater] recording program, a red frame will appear on the edge of the screen.
  • The [Underwater] recording program is for making recordings underwater*. When using underwater lighting equipment or making recordings while on land, we recommend using the [Surface] recording program
* Underwater is a unique environment that is ever-changing, depending on factors such as the weather and water conditions. In addition, water absorbs red light, which causes objects to appear bluer and greener.
  • To switch the recording program between [Underwater] and [Surface] while the camcorder is in the waterproof case, turn on the camcorder while moving the zoom lever toward T or W. Keep pushing the zoom lever until the
    icon appears on the screen.

  • will appear on the screen when the camcorder?????????s temperature becomes too high. If this happens, turn off the camcorder, take it out of the waterproof case and keep it in a cool place until the temperature goes down. If the camcorder becomes too hot, it will turn off automatically.
  • When making recordings underwater with the [Underwater] recording program, the image on the LCD screen will appear redder than the actual subject. This will not affect the recording.
  • When a commercially available wide-converter or other accessory is attached to the waterproof case, the camcorder may focus on the accessory. In such case, move the zoom lever toward T to focus on the subject.

Changing the Recording programs according to the situation, such as in dark surroundings



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