Note on SDXC Memory Cards

Article ID: ART133700 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 11/04/2015


Note on SDXC Memory Cards


Before using an SDXC memory card, please read through the following information.

  • It has been confirmed that SDXC memory cards are compatible with the following OSes. (As of December 2011)
- Windows 7: Compatible
- Windows Vista: Compatible (requires Service Pack 1 or later)
- Windows XP: Compatible (requires Service Pack 3 and KB955704 update)
- Mac OS X: Compatible (requires version 10.6.5 or later)
* For the latest information, however, contact the computer, operating system or memory card manufacturer.
  • If you use an SDXC memory card with a computer OS that is not SDXC-compatible, you may be prompted to format the memory card. In such case, cancel the operation to prevent data loss.

  • For details on whether your computer's operating system is SDXC-compatible, check with your computer's manufacturer.
  • To use an SDXC memory card with external devices, such as card readers or digital recorders, make sure the external device is SDXC-compatible.
  • After repeatedly recording, deleting and editing scenes (fragmented memory), it will take longer to write data on the memory and recording may stop. Save your recordings and initialize the memory.



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