Tagging Images as Favorites

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Tagging Images as Favorites


Tagging Images as Favorites

When you tag images as favorites, you can easily categorize just those images. You can also filter out just those images for viewing, protecting or erasing

Make the setting.

Touch FUNC, then drag the menu on the left up or down to choose .

will appear on the screen.

To unlock an image, touch FUNC again, then drag the menu on the left up or down to choose

Using the Menu

Choose [Favorites].

Touch FUNC, then MENU to choose the  tab, and touch [Favorites].

Choose an image.

Drag across the screen to choose an image, then touch the screen.

  will appear on the screen.

Touching the screen again deselects the image and disappears.

To choose multiple images, repeat the above operation

Complete the setting.

If you touch , a confirmation screen will appear.

Touch [OK].

  • If you switch to Shooting mode or turn off the camera before completing the setting in Step 3, images will not be tagged as favorites.

  • If you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista and transfer tagged images to the computer, they will be given a star rating of 3 ( ) (except for movies).

  • You can also use Touch Actions to tag images as favorites

  • To choose multiple images, touch in the upper left of the screen and touch the images you want



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