Taking Pictures (Smart Auto)

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Taking Pictures (Smart Auto)


Taking Pictures (Smart Auto)

Since the camera can determine the subject and shooting conditions, you can let it automatically select the best settings for the scene and just shoot

Turn on the camera.

Press the power button.

The start-up screen will appear.

Enter   mode.

Set the mode switch to .

When you point the camera toward the subject, the camera will make a slight noise as it determines the scene.

The icon for the determined scene will appear in the upper left of the screen, while the icon for image stabilization will appear in the upper right

The camera will focus on detected subjects and display frames on them.

Black bars will appear on the sides of the screen. These areas will not be recorded when shooting.

Compose the shot.

Moving the zoom lever toward   (telephoto) will zoom in on your subject, making it appear larger. Moving the lever toward   (wide angle) will zoom out from your subject, making it appear smaller. (The zoom bar showing the zoom position appears on the screen.)


Press the shutter button halfway to focus.

When the camera focuses, it will beep twice and AF frames will appear where the camera focused.

Several AF frames will appear when the camera focuses on more than 1 point.



Press the shutter button fully to shoot.

The camera will play the shutter sound and shoot. The flash will automatically fire in low light conditions.

The image will appear on the screen for approximately 2 seconds.

You can take a second picture even while an image is displayed by pressing the shutter button again.


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