Touching the Screen to Shoot (Touch Shutter)

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Touching the Screen to Shoot (Touch Shutter)


Touching the Screen to Shoot (Touch Shutter)

By simply touching the screen the camera will focus on your subject and adjust the brightness for easy shooting.

Activate the Touch Shutter function.

Touch , it will change to .

Choose the subject to focus on.

Touch and hold your finger on the subject on the screen.

When the camera focuses on the subject, it will beep twice.

A blue frame appears and the focus and exposure will continuously adjust (Servo AF).


When you remove your finger from the screen, the camera plays the shutter sound and takes the shot.

To deactivate the Touch  Shutter function, touch . It will change to .

The Touch Shutter function operates in the same way as when pressing the shutter button.

You can also make Touch Shutter settings by touching FUNC then MENU, to choose [Touch Shutter] in the   tab.

You can take a second picture even while the image you shot is displayed by touching .


Choosing the subject to focus on (Touch AF)

When the Touch Shutter function is deactivated ( ), touch the subject appearing on the screen to display . Press and hold the shutter button halfway to display a blue frame where focus and exposure will be maintained (Servo AF). Press the shutter button fully to shoot.



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