Installing the Software Applications (Mac OS X)

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Installing the Software Applications (Mac OS X)


This section describes how to install the software applications on your computer.
  • The information provided here uses Mac OS X (version 10.6) as examples. Depending on your Mac OS X or software version, the screen indications and operation procedures may differ slightly.
  • Some of the images that appear on this page contain a specific camera model name, however the actual model name varies depending on the camera used.

1. Quit any software that is running.

2. Load the [Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk] CD-ROM that came with your camera into the computer's CD-ROM drive.

3. Double-click the CD-ROM icon that appears on the desktop.

4. The following window will appear, so double-click on [Canon Digital Camera Installer] to start it.

5. The following window appears.

6. The following window appears.

the country where you live.

7. The following window appear. Click [Install].

8. The following window appear.

If you select
[Easy Installation], all the software applications are installed automatically.
After you have selected the installation method, click
[Custom Installation] to select the software applications that you want to install.

9. The following window appear. Read the content carefully, and then click [Agree].

If you selected [Custom Installation] in Step 8, the following screen will appear after Step 9.

The selected (
) software applications will be installed. (Deselect the checkbox (
) of the software applications that you do not wish to install.)
After confirming that you have selected all the software applications for installation, click
[Next] and then proceed with the installation.

10. The following window appear. Click [Next].

11. The following window appears, and installation starts.

12. The following window may appear and if it does not, please proceed to step 14.

13. The following window appears. Click [OK].

14. The following window appears. Click [Finish].



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