List of IS Mode Icons

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List of IS Mode Icons


mode, the following icons are displayed and the optimal image stabilization for the scene (Intelligent IS) is automatically set.

Reduces camera shake when shooting still images.
Reduces camera shake when shooting movies, including strong camera shake that occurs when shooting movies while walking (Dynamic Mode).

Reduces camera shake when panning while shooting*.
Reduces subtle camera shake when shooting movies at max. telephoto (Powered IS).

Reduces camera shake for macro photography (Hybrid IS).
Disables image stabilization when the camera is attached to a tripod. However, image stabilization may be applied depending on the shooting conditions.
* Appears on the screen when following the motion of a subject while shooting (panning). While following a subject moving horizontally, only vertical camera shake will be reduced (horizontal image stabilization will be disabled). Additionally, when shooting subjects moving vertically, only horizontal camera shake will be reduced.

  • If [IS Mode] is set to [Off], image stabilization will be disabled, and icons will not appear on the screen.
  • For details about IS-Mode Cannot be Set , please see the following pages.
If you are using the PowerShot S100, SX40 HS, SX150 IS / PowerShot ELPH 510 HS, 310 HS / IXUS 1100 HS, 230 HS...
If you are using the PowerShot G1 X, SX260 HS, SX240 HS, A4000 IS, A3400 IS, A2400 IS, D20 / PowerShot ELPH 320 HS, 110 HS, 530 HS, 520 HS / IXUS 240 HS, 125 HS, 510 HS, 500 HS...



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