Low Level Memory Card Formatting

Article ID: ART133922 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Low Level Memory Card Formatting


Low Level Memory Card Formatting

Perform low level formatting when [Memory card error] appears, the camera does not operate properly, you think that the recording/reading speed of a memory card has dropped, the continuous shooting speed slows down, or recording suddenly stops while shooting a movie.

As you cannot retrieve the erased data, exercise adequate caution before formatting the memory card

Display the [Format] screen.


Start the low level format.

Touch the frame to the left of [Low Level Format] to display a .

Touch [OK].

A confirmation screen will appear.

Touch [OK].

Low level formatting starts.

When low level formatting ends, [Memory card formatting complete] will appear on the screen.

Touch [OK].

Low level formatting may take longer than standard formatting since all recorded data is erased.

You can stop a low level format of a memory card by touching [Stop]. When stopping low level formatting, the data will be erased but the memory card can be used without problem



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