Making Skin Look Smoother (Smooth Skin)

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Making Skin Look Smoother (Smooth Skin)


Making Skin Look Smoother (Smooth Skin)

You can apply a smoothening effect when shooting images of people. The effect level and color ([Lighter Skin Tone], [Darker Skin Tone]) can be chosen as follows.

Choose .



Set the mode switch to .

Choose .

Press the button, choose P in the menu, and then choose a shooting mode

Access the setting screen.

Press the   button.

Configure the setting.

Press the   buttons to choose an item.

Choose the effect level by pressing the  buttons, and then press the  button.

A preview is shown of how your shot will look with the effect applied.


Areas other than people’s skin may be modified.

Try taking some test shots first to make sure you obtain the desired results.

The effect will be stronger for the face of the person detected as the main subject


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