Printing Multiple Images on a Single Sheet of Paper (Printing a Contact Sheet)

Article ID: ART134506 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Printing Multiple Images on a Single Sheet of Paper (Printing a Contact Sheet)


These instructions show how to print a contact sheet (a list of images) using the supplied [ImageBrowser EX] software.
  • The operations described here assume that the ImageBrowser EX software from the supplied CD (DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk) has been installed, and has been updated over the Internet.
  • In this section, Windows 7 is used as an example. Depending on the operating system you are using, on-screen displays and operations may differ slightly.

1. Double-click the [ImageBrowser EX] shortcut icon on your desktop to start [ImageBrowser EX].

If you cannot find the [ImageBrowser EX] shortcut icon on your desktop, click [Start] (
) > [All Programs] or [Programs] > [Canon Utilities] > [ImageBrowser EX] and select [ImageBrowser EX] to start [ImageBrowser EX].

On a Mac, click the [ImageBrowser EX] icon on the [Dock]. If no [ImageBrowser EX] icon is found on the [Dock], click [Go] on the menu bar, select [Applications], and then open [Canon Utility] > [ImageBrowser EX], and then select and start [ImageBrowser EX].

2. Once ImageBrowser EX starts, click the images to be printed to select them.

3. Select images to print, click [Print], and then select [Print Contact Sheet].

4. When the [Print contact sheet] screen appears, make the settings for printing.

Specify the printer, paper size, and other options.

Specify the number of rows and columns.

Configure settings to print details such as shooting information, a header or footer, and page numbers.

Make settings for image selection, rotation, and trimming as necessary.

5. Click [Print].

This completes the steps for printing a contact sheet (list of images).



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