Sending Images by E-mail (ImageBrowser EX)

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Sending Images by E-mail (ImageBrowser EX)


These instructions show how to send images by e-mail using the supplied [ImageBrowser EX] software.
  • The operations described here assume that the ImageBrowser EX software from the supplied CD (DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk) has been installed, and has been updated over the Internet.
  • In this section, Windows 7 is used as an example. Depending on the operating system you are using, on-screen displays and operations may differ slightly.

1. Double-click the icon on your desktop to start [ImageBrowser EX].

If you do not find a shortcut icon for [ImageBrowser EX] on your desktop, start [ImageBrowser EX] by clicking [Start] (
) > [All Programs] or [Programs] > [Canon Utilities] > [ImageBrowser EX], in that order.

On a Mac, click the [ImageBrowser EX] icon on the [Dock]. If no [ImageBrowser EX] icon is found on the [Dock], click [Go] on the menu bar, select [Applications], and then open [Canon Utility] > [ImageBrowser EX], and then select and start [ImageBrowser EX].

2. Once [ImageBrowser EX] starts, click the images you want to send by e-mail to select them.
  • To select multiple images, click the images while holding down the
* On Mac OS X, hold down the
  • To select a series of images that are lined up in a row, click the first image, and then hold down the

3. Click [Share], and then click [E-mail Images].

4. The [Email Images] window will appear.

Select [Using the recommended settings].

If you click [Confirm Current Settings], you can check the image size, image quality, and the file size. Proceed to step 7 if these settings are correct.

To change the settings for things like the image size and image quality, select [Using custom settings], and then proceed to step 5.

5. To set the image size or image quality, click [Custom Settings...].

6. The [Custom Settings] screen will appear. Make the necessary settings for things like image size and image quality, and then
select [Attach to Email].
Click [OK].

7. If you click [Attach to Email], your e-mail software will start.

If your e-mail software does not start in step 7, select the [Save to Folder] option in the [After Finishing the Task] part of step 6 to save them, and then attach the images to your message using your e-mail software.
For questions regarding the operation of your e-mail software, please see the Help for your e-mail software.

This completes the process of sending images by e-mail.



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