Changing Movie Sizes and Types (ZoomBrowser EX 6.7-6.8)

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Changing Movie Sizes and Types (ZoomBrowser EX 6.7-6.8)


This section explains about how to use the supplied software (ZoomBroweser EX) to change the sizes or types of the movies captured.
  • To perform this operation, [ZoomBrowser EX 6.7-6.8] needs to be installed or updated beforehand.
  • In this section, Windows 7 and [ZoomBrowser EX 6.6] are used as an example to explain the operations. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows XP, the on-screen displays and procedures may differ.

1. Double-click the [ZoomBrowser EX] shortcut icon on your desktop to start [ZoomBrowser EX].

If you cannot find the [ZoomBrowser EX] shortcut icon on your desktop, click [Start] (
) > [All Programs] or [Programs] > [Canon Utilities] > [ZoomBrowser EX] and select [ZoomBrowser EX] to start [ZoomBrowser EX].

2. Select the Movie (), the Super Slow Motion Movie (), iFrame Movie () or the Movies recorded with Movie Digest mode () and click [Export].

  • To select multiple movies, click the movie images while holding down the <Ctrl> key on the keyboard.

3. Click [Export Movies].

4. The following screen appears.

Select a movie file format from the [Save image type] box to export movies.
The [AVI (MotionJPEG)] format is generally used in computers, so it has an advantage in compatibility.
The [MOV (H.264)] format can be used to reduce the file size while maintaining high image quality.

If needed, select a [Rotation Setting], and then
click [Next].

5. The following screen appears.

[Image Size],
[Frame Rate],
[Image Quality], and
[Audio] settings.
(If [Save image type] is set to [MOV (H.264)],
the [Image Quality] option does not appear.)
After having set all the items above, click

6. The following screen appears.

Specify the file name in [File Name setting].
To change the location where the file is saved, click

Click [Finish].

7. If the following window appears, click [OK].

The following window appears while the movie file is being exported.

8. When the file export is completed, the following window appears.

Click [OK] to end the export.

If you click [Details] in the window above, the following screen appears, so you can check the file name and the location where the file is saved again.

This completes the file export procedure.



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