Facsimile (Fax) specifications MX432
Article ID: ART134648 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Facsimile (Fax) specifications for the Office All-In-One printer.


This article also applies to the PIXMA MX439.

Facsimile Specifications
Applicable LinePublic Switched Telephone Network(PSTN)
Super G3 / Color Communication) 3
Data Compression SystemB&W:
Transmission Speed (up to)Black
Approx. 3 sec. / page 4
Approx. 1 min. / page 4
Transmission / Reception MemoryApprox. 50 pages 5
Fax ResolutionB&W Standard:

B&W Fine:

B&W Extra Fine:

8 pels per mm x 3.85 lines per mm, 203 pels per inch x 98 lines per inch
8 pels per mm x 7.70 lines per mm; 203 pels per inch x 196 lines per inch
300 x 300 dpi

200 x 200 dpi
ADF Capacity

Letter: 30 pages (20 lb / 75 gsm paper), up to 0.16 inches / 4 mm in height
Legal: 5 pages (20 lb / 75 gsm paper), up to 0.08 inches / 2 mm in height
Other sizes: 1 sheet

Speed Dial Character LimitCoded:40
Automatic DialingOne-touch: N/A
Coded Speed: 20 destinations
Group Dialing: 19 locations
Other FeaturesSequential Broadcast (max. 21 destinations)
Automatic fax / telephone switchover
DRPD (Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection)
Caller / Fax reception rejection
Fax number re-entry
Check RX fax info
Remote reception by telephone (Default ID: 25)
Save Received Faxes to USB Flash Drive
ECM deactivation
Activity report (after every 20 transactions)
Non-delivery report
Receive OptionsTEL priority mode: If you receive mainly voice calls / messages and sometimes faxes. Connect a telephone or answering machine to the fax.
DRPD: When you subscribe to a ring pattern detection service provided by your telephone company. (Not available in all regions.)
Fax only mode: If you have a dedicated line for faxes.
PC FaxFax modem (Windows only)
1 destination, monochrome transmission only

3 The Public Switched Telephone Network currently supports fax modem speeds of 22.8 Kbps or lower, depending on telephone line conditions. Sending and receiving fax machines need to conform to ITU-Tv.34 guidelines.

4 Black & white document fax transmission speed is based on default setting using ITU-T No.1 chart. Color document fax transmission speed is based on default setting using Canon Color Fax Test Sheet. Actual transmission speed may vary depending on document complexity, fax settings at receiving end, and line conditions etc.

5 Page count is based on ITU-T No.1 chart or Canon FAX Standard Chart No.1.