Selecting the Memory for the Recordings

Article ID: ART134794 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Selecting the Memory for the Recordings


You can select to record your movies and photos in the built-in memory or on a memory card.
The screens and settings that appear may differ depending on the model you are using.

1. Press the

2. Touch [Other Settings].

3. Touch [

Drag your finger up or down to bring [Rec Media for Movies] or [Rec Media for Photos] into the orange selection bar, and then
touch the button.

5. Touch [
](built-in memory) or [
](memory card).

8. Touch [
] to close the menu.

When the [
](built-in memory) is selected, you can select [Relay Recording].
[Relay Recording] is a function where the recording destination automatically switches from the built-in memory to a memory card when the built-in memory becomes full. For details, see the Related Information.
When selecting the memory, you can check the approximate available recording time/number of photos, based on currently used settings.

* Estimated figures about available movie recording time and available number of photos are approximate and based on the recording mode currently in use and a photo size of 1920x1080.

When the built-in memory becomes full, will the recording be automatically saved to the memory card, or vice versa (relay recording)?



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