Things to note when charging battery packs

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Things to note when charging battery packs


  • Turn off the camcorder before connecting or disconnecting the compact power adapter. After pressing

  • The battery pack will be charged only when the camcorder is off.

  • We recommend charging the battery pack in temperatures between 10 ????????? and 30 ????????? (50 ????????? and 86 ?????????). If either the ambient temperature or the battery pack?????????s temperature is outside the range of approx. 0 ????????? to 40 ????????? (32 ????????? to 104 ?????????), charging will not start.

  • Charged battery packs continue to discharge naturally. Therefore, charge them on the day of use, or the day before, to ensure a full charge.

  • The first time you use a battery pack, fully charge it and then use the camcorder until the battery pack is completely exhausted. Doing so will ensure that the remaining recording time will be displayed accurately.

  • Please make sure that foreign particles do not enter the battery pack, battery charger, and camcorder terminals as they may be the cause of poor contact, short circuits, and damage. In addition, please keep the battery pack, battery charger, and camcorder terminals clean at all times. If electrodes are soiled with human sebum, the battery pack may not be fully charged due to poor contact.
Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended.
This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. Canon shall not be liable for any damage to this product and/or accidents such as fire, etc., caused by the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories (e.g., a leakage and/or explosion of a battery pack). Please note that this warranty does not apply to repairs arising out of the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories, although you may request such repairs on a chargeable basis.

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