Types of recording modes and changing the recording modes

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Types of recording modes and changing the recording modes


Recording modes

The camcorder offers 5 recording modes for recording AVCHD movies and 2 for MP4 movies. Changing the recording mode will change the recording time available on the memory. For AVCHD movies, select MXP or FXP mode for better movie quality; select LP mode for longer recording times.
For MP4 movies, you can choose one of two bit rates. Bit rate indicates how much information is recorded in 1 second of video. Select 4 Mbps for smaller file sizes and faster uploads.

  • For AVCHD movies:

* Scenes recorded in MXP mode cannot be saved onto AVCHD discs. Save such scenes onto Blu-ray discs or use the supplied PIXELA VideoBrowser *1 to back up such scenes. If you use PIXELA VideoBrowser *1, however, scenes will be converted to FXP mode quality.

*1: Depending on the model of your camcorder, this software might not come with it.

  • For MP4 movies:

You cannot create a video disc of MP4 movies that is playable on commercially available players.


Changing the recording modes

The screens and settings that appear may differ depending on the model you are using.

1. Press the

2. Touch [Other Settings].

3. Touch [

Drag your finger up or down to bring [Recording Mode] into the orange selection bar, and then
touch the button.

5. Touch to select the recording mode.

6. Touch [
] to exit from the menu.



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