Using an external microphone

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Using an external microphone


When recording in very quiet surroundings, the built-in microphone may pick up the sound of the camcorder?????????s machinery. In such case, we recommend using an external microphone.

Using the SM-V1 Surround Microphone or DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone

Using the SM-V1 you can add a sense of depth and presence to your recordings with 5.1ch surround sound. Using the DM-100 you can accurately record audio coming directly from the direction you are recording. In either case, to reduce the amount of noise due to wind, we recommend that you use the wind screen supplied with the microphone.

Attach the optional SM-V1 Surround Microphone or DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone to the mini advanced shoe.
Refer to Using the Mini Advanced Shoe.

will appear on the screen. For details about using the optional external microphone, refer to the instruction manual of the accessory used.
When using the optional SM-V1 Surround Microphone:
  • Change the microphone?????????s directionality mode with the
    > [Surround Mic Directionality] setting.
  • If the sound gets distorted, activate the microphone attenuator with the
    > [Surround Mic Attenuator] setting.
  • You can enjoy the full effect of recordings made with 5.1ch surround sound on HDTVs compatible with 5.1ch surround sound connected to the camcorder using the supplied HDMI cable. Audio output from the AV OUT/?????? terminal (including headphone output) will be converted to 2ch stereo. The camcorder?????????s built-in speaker is monaural.

Using the WM-V1 Wireless Microphone

Using the WM-V1 you can reliably record sound even when recording subjects at a distance exceeding the practical range of the built-in microphone. You can also mix and record audio from the WM-V1 with audio from the built-in microphone. For details about using the WM-V1, refer to the instruction manual supplied with the microphone.

Using Commercially Available Microphones

You can also use commercially available condenser microphones with their own power supply. You can connect most stereo microphone with a ?????? 3.5 mm plug but audio recording levels may vary.

  • If connecting an external microphone, select [MIC Terminal Input] from the menu and set it to [Microphone].
  • When you are using a microphone connected to the MIC terminal, the audio level indicator will be displayed automatically.
  • When an external microphone is connected to the camcorder,
    > [Wind Screen] will automatically be set to [
  • If the audio level is too high and the sound gets distorted, adjust the audio recording level manually or activate the microphone attenuator with the
    > [Microphone Attenuator] setting.

Changing the audio recording level (mic. level) when recording audio



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