Memory media is restricted.

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Cause: Saving scanned data in a USB memory is restricted.

       Action: To save scanned data in a USB memory, you need to change the settings. Follow the instructions below to turn it on.
                  You will need the admin PIN if one is set on your device. If you do not know the admin Password contact your system administrator.

Set <Memory Media Storage> to <On>

1. Press [] (Menu).

2. Select <System Settings> with [] or [], and then press [OK].

When the system manager ID and system manager PIN are specified:

Use numeric keys to enter the ID and number, and then press [] (ID).

3. Select <Memory Media Storage On/Off> with [] or [], and then press [OK].

4. Select <On> with [] or [], and then press [OK].

5. Press [] (Menu), then close the menu screen.

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