How to Extract Text from Scanned Images (OCR)

Article ID: ART135045 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Scan text in scanned magazines and newspapers and display it in Notepad (included with Windows).


  • You can extract text when scanning via Document, Custom or ScanGear.

  • The screens for scanning documents are used as examples in the following descriptions.

    1. Start IJ Scan Utility.

      Starting IJ Scan Utility

    2. Click Settings....

      figure: IJ Scan Utility

      The Settings dialog box appears.

      Settings Dialog Box

    3. Click Document Scan.

      figure: Settings dialog box

    4. Select Start OCR for Application Settings, then select the application in which you want to display the result.

      figure: Settings dialog box

      • When My Image Garden is specified, after the image is scanned, the text in the image is extracted and appears in Notepad (included with Windows).

    5. Click OK.

      figure: Settings dialog box

      The IJ Scan Utility main screen appears.

    6. Click Document.

      figure: IJ Scan Utility

      Scanning starts.

      When scanning is completed, the scanned images are saved according to the settings, and the extracted text appears in the specified application.

      • Click Cancel to cancel the scan.

      • Text displayed in Notepad (included with Windows) is for guidance only. Text in the image of the following types of documents may not be detected correctly.

        - Documents containing text with font size outside the range of 8 points to 40 points (at 300 dpi)

        - Slanted documents

        - Documents placed upside down or documents with text in the wrong orientation (rotated characters)

        - Documents containing special fonts, effects, italics, or hand-written text

        - Documents with narrow line spacing

        - Documents with colors in the background of text

        - Documents containing multiple languages

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