Reseat the MG6220 / MG8220 Print Head

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Follow this procedure to reseat the print head or if you have to replace it.


Reseating the Print Head

Reseat the print head to correct print issues or clear an error.

Reseat the Print Head:

  1. Make sure that the power is turned on, and open the paper output tray gently

  2. Lift the scanning unit (printer cover) completely. (The print head will move to the replacement position.)

  3. Remove all the Ink Tanks in the following manner.

    Push the tab (A) and lift the ink tank to remove.

  4. Raise the print head lock lever (B) after all ink tanks have been removed.

  5. Tilt the print head slightly towards the front of the machine and lift out gently.

    * Image shown below is taken from the MP600. The procedure is the same for other models such as the MG6220 / MG8220. Note that the lock lever can be lifted from either side. See illustration in step 6, below.

    Caution: Do not touch the print head nozzles , electrical contacts , or ink supply ports . Doing so may cause printing problems.

  6. Place the print head in the print head holder and lower the print head lock lever carefully until you hear a click.

  7. Insert ink tanks into the print head.

  8. Press the mark <PUSH> on the ink tank firmly until you hear a click.

    Install all the other ink tanks in the same way.

  9. Close the scanning unit (printer cover).

    ote: The next printing begins, the print head cleaning will begin automatically.



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