Installation Precautions

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Installation Precautions


Installation Precautions

Ensure that the projector is installed with a minimum distance of 1 m (3.3') from its left, right, rear, and top panels to the neighboring object such as a wall.


Install the projector correctly. Incorrect installation may cause troubles and accidents.

  • Do not tilt the projector more than 20 degrees above and below the horizontal.

  • Do not point the projector up or down.

  • Do not install the projector vertically.

The projector may be damaged if it is tilted more than 20 degrees above or below.

Hot Air from Exhaust Vent

  • Hot air is exhausted from the exhaust vent. Do not place any object near the exhaust vent.

- Do not put any spray cans near the vent. The pressure increases due to heat, such may result in an explosion.

- Do not put any metallic object on the projector. It may become hot, resulting in an accident or injury.

- Do not put anything such as a plant pot near the exhaust vent.

- Do not put anything near the exhaust vent that may deform or deteriorate due to heat.

- Do not seat anyone near the exhaust vent.

  • The area around the exhaust vent and the cabinet above the exhaust vent become hot. Do not touch these areas, or you may get burnt. In particular, keep children away from these areas.

  • Do not put anything that may deform or discolor due to heat on the projector.

Do Not Use in the Following Environments

  • Do not install the projector in a humid or dusty location or a position where there is a lot of oily or cigarette smoke. Optical parts such as a lens and mirror may be stained, resulting in poor picture quality.

  • Do not use the projector in a place subject to either very high or very low temperatures.

- Operating temperature: +5°C to +35°C

- Storage temperature: -10°C to +60°C


If the projector is carried from a cold place to a warm place or the room temperature is raised rapidly, condensation may form on the lens and mirror due to the moisture in the atmosphere, resulting in a blurred picture. Wait until condensation evaporates and normal picture is shown.




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