Easy Scanning with Auto Scan

Article ID: ART135170 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


You can scan easily by automatically detecting the item type.

  1. Make sure that your scanner or printer is turned on.

  2. Place the item on the platen of your scanner or printer.

    • See the corresponding page of On-screen Manual for how to place items.

  3. Start My Image Garden.

    Starting My Image Garden

  4. Click Scan.

    figure: Folder view

    The view switches to Scan.

  5. Click Auto.

    figure: Scan view

    Scanning starts.

    • Refer to the corresponding page of On-screen Manual to specify the scan settings.

    • Click Cancel to cancel the scan.

    When scanning is completed, the image appears as a thumbnail.

    figure: Scan view

    • You can rotate the selected image 90 degrees clockwise each time you click Rotate.

    • You can crop images.

      Cropping Scanned Images

    • Click Save to save rotated or cropped scanned images.

      Save Dialog Box (Scan View)

    • You can set the save location for scanned images on the Advanced Settings tab of the Preferences dialog box displayed by selecting Preferences... from the Tools menu.

  • You can also print scanned images. Right-click a thumbnail and select Print... from the displayed menu to display the print settings dialog box. Select the printer and paper to use, then click Print.

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