Cleaning and Replacing the Air Filter

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Cleaning and Replacing the Air Filter


Cleaning and Replacing the Air Filter

An air filter is installed in the air intake vent on the bottom of the main body to protect the lens and mirror from dust. Should the air filter become clogged with dust, the projector may be damaged since it will block the air flow into the projector and raises the temperature of the projector.

  • The main unit is very hot immediately after turning off the projector. Wait until the projector cools down sufficiently before cleaning the projector. Otherwise, you may get burned or injured.

  • Before cleaning or replacing the air filter, be sure to remove the power plug from the AC outlet. Otherwise, electric shock or fire may result.

  • Do not insert any object into the projector through the air filter opening. You may suffer electric shock or injury due to the high-voltage parts or rotating parts.

Cleaning the Air Filter

Turn the projector upside down, remove the cover by pushing the latch, remove the air filter, and clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

When cleaning dust off the side exhaust vent and the bottom air intake vent, bring the vacuum cleaner nozzle close to them directly.

  • Clean the air filter frequently.

  • After cleaning the air filter, install it by following the removal steps in reverse.

Replacing the Air Filter

1 Turn off the projector, remove the power plug from the AC outlet, and let the projector stand for at least 1 hour.

2 Remove the filter cover by pushing the position of the arrow.

3 Remove the air filter.

4 Install a new air filter.

5 Install the filter cover securely without any space.

  • Attach the lens cap when replacing the air filter.

  • Handle the air filter carefully. If damaged, the air filter will not work appropriately.

  • Replace the air filter whenever you replace the lamp.

  • An air filter can be ordered from your dealer


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