Replacing the Lamp

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Replacing the Lamp


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  • You can check the time of use of the lamp in [Lamp counter] in the [System settings] menu


  • When replacing the lamp, turn off the projector, wait until the cooling fan stops, remove the power plug from the AC outlet, and let the projector stand for at least 1 hour. Otherwise, you may get burned because the main unit is very hot immediately after the projector is turned off.

  • Do not touch the inner glass surface when you replace the lamp. Otherwise, the projector's performance may degrade.

  • Make sure to handle the lamp carefully and correctly since it may explode if it is scratched or shocked.

  • Do not remove screws unless specified.


Replacing Lamp

This projector uses the following lamp.

Lamp type No. SX6/X600: RS-LP02

SX60: RS-LP03

  • Be sure to use the specified lamp.

  • A lamp can be ordered from your dealer or Canon home page.

Replacing the Lamp

1 Turn off the projector, disconnect the power plug from the AC outlet, and then let the projector stand for at least 1 hour.

2 Loosen a screw with a flathead screwdriver and remove the lamp cover

3 Loosen two screws, pull up the handle, and then remove the lamp.

4 Fully insert a new lamp and secure it with two screws.

* After the installation, be sure to push down the handle.

5 Replace the lamp cover and tighten the screw.

6 Turn on the projector.

7 Bring up the menu and select [System settings] -> [Other settings] -> [Lamp counter].

8 Select [Reset] -> [OK] to reset the lamp counter



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