Light flashes orange 10 times -IP4820

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The Alarm LED (light) flashes 10 times to alert you that action needs to be taken.



Alarm LED Flashes Orange

When a printer error occurs, the Alarm LED (light) flashes orange as shown below. The number of flashes indicates the type of error that has occurred. Count the flashes and take the appropriate action to correct the error.

(A) Note the number of flashes

(B) Flashes repeatedly

  • Number of flashes/Cause

    Ten flashes - Cannot perform duplex printing.

  • Action to correct the error

    The size of paper may not be compatible with automatic duplex printing. The sizes of media suitable for auto duplex printing are A4, Letter, A5, and B5. Make sure that the size of the paper loaded in the printer is correct. Pressing the RESUME/CANCEL button will eject the paper and restart printing from the front side of the next paper. The reverse side of the ejected sheet will not be printed.


(10) ON button


(12) RESUME/CANCEL button

(13) Alarm LED

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