Select Scan Job (CaptureOnTouch)

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Follow these steps to select the proper scan job.


Select Scan Job

Operation Flow :

Register the job -> Select the job -> Scan the document -> Output the scanned images


In Select Scan Job, the page order cannot be changed using thumbnail images.

Registering and Editing Jobs

In CaptureOnTouch, up to 10 jobs can be registered for use with Select Scan Job.

1 Click the button.


2   Enter the job name, and press the Enter key.


3   Specify the output method of the job.



You can assign the job to the Start button by selecting [Start button] for [Button assignment].

4   Click [Output setting], and configure the output settings.

The output setting items differ depending on the specified output method. For details on the setting items, see the Help of CaptureOnTouch.


Selecting a Job and Scanning

1   Place the document in the scanner.

The top screen of Select Scan Job appears.

2   Click a job.



  • If you set [Check output after scanning] to [ON], you can check the output settings after scanning.
  • If you set [Enable continuous scanning] to [ON], you can continue scanning after all the pages of the document are scanned.

3   Click the Start button.


The document is scanned. While scanning is in progress, the number of pages scanned is displayed in addition to the scanner settings.

When all the pages of the document are scanned, the scanned images are output according to the registered job settings and the complete screen appears.



  • If you configure scanning conditions that consume a large amount of the computer's memory, scanning may stop because of insufficient memory. If an error message appears due to insufficient memory while scanning is in progress, exit the application, change the scanning conditions, and then try scanning again.
  • A multiple-page scan cannot be saved when it reaches the file size of 2 GB. Change the save settings if an error message is displayed.


  • Clicking [Return to top] returns to the top screen of Select Scan Job.
  • When [Attach to E-mail] or [Print] is specified as the output method, you can click [Open storage folder] to open the folder in which the scanned images were saved.

When [Enable continuous scanning] is set to [ON]

The continuous scanning screen appears when all the pages of the document are scanned.

If you want to scan another document, place the document in the scanner and then click [Scan].

When scanning of all the documents is finished, click [Next step].


When [Check output after scanning] is set to [ON]

The Output Confirmation screen appears before the scanned images are output.

Change the settings for the output method if necessary and then click the output button. The name of the output button differs for each selected output method.

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