How do I erase videos from the hard disk - HG10

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Deleting a Single scene or All Scenes from a Selected Date


Set the movies/still images switch to the camcorder.

Use the POWER switch to turn the camcorder ON.

Turn the POWER switch momentarily toward MODE and release it.


This camcorder is equipped with Navigation buttons and a Control Dial on the LCD panel. Press the navigation buttons to select an item or change settings.


Press SET to save the settings or confirm an action.

Deleting a Single Scene or All Scenes from a Selected Date

From the original index screen, use the navigation buttons to select a scene.

Press FUNC.
Arrow right and select Trash Can
Press SET.

Selecting [ALL SCENES (THIS DATE)] will delete all scenes recorded on the same day as the selected scene.

Selecting [ONE SCENE] will delete only the selected scene.

Scenes will also be deleted from the PLAYLIST.
Arrow right to select YES then press SET

• Be careful when deleting original recordings. Once deleted, an original scene cannot be recovered.
• Back up important scenes before deleting them.
• Do not use a computer to delete data in this camcorder.

• Deleting a scene from the original index screen also deletes that scene from the playlist.
• Depending on the number of scenes on the hard disk, deleting a scene may take longer than usual.
• You may not be able to delete scenes shorter than 5 seconds. To delete such scenes you must initialize the hard disk, in the process deleting all other recordings.
• Do not change the position of the POWER switch or the movies/still images switch while the scene is being deleted (while the HDD
access indicator is on or flashing).
• Initialize the hard disk to delete all movies and make all recordable space
available again.
• When deleting a scene from the playlist index screen, only one scene can be deleted at a time.

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