Adjusting Keystone Distortion
Article ID: ART135709 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 10/19/2015


Adjusting Keystone Distortion



Adjusting Keystone Distortion

The Auto setup function (Auto keystone) automatically adjusts the keystone distortion in a longitudinal direction. Follow the steps below if the function does not adjust the distortion appropriately or you want to adjust the keystone distortion in a horizontal direction.

1 Press the [KEYSTONE] button.

The [Keystone adjustment] windows appears

2 Press the POINTER buttons to adjust the focus.

  • You can activate the Auto keystone function if you press the [AUTO SET] button now


3 Press the [OK] button.

  • The result of keystone adjustment is memorized. If you place the projector at the same position, the keystone adjustment is not necessary.

  • When the Keystone adjustment is selected, signals are processed digitally. The image may look different from the original one.

  • The aspect ratio of the image may change after the keystone adjustment.

  • Keystone can be adjusted vertically and horizontally within the range of +/-20 degrees. The amount of adjustment may be less than +/-20 degrees depending on the combination of the amount of optical zooming, input signal type, and adjustment direction (vertical or horizontal).

  • If the keystone distortion is too large to adjust, move the projector installation position.

  • To reset the keystone adjustment to 0, press the [KEYSTONE] button again to display the [Keystone reset] window. On the window, select [OK] with the [<] button, and then press the [OK] button.