How do I delete all scenes on the camcorder? - VIXIA HFR10 series

Article ID: ART135753 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Deleting all scenes


  1. Turn the camcorder on.
  2. Press the camera/play button to switch the camcorder to playback mode.
  3. From the index screen, push up on the joystick to the tabs on top of the screen and push the joystick left or right to select Movies on the built-in memory or memory card.
  4. Push down on the joystick to select one of the scenes.  An orange selection frame will appear around the scene.
  5. Press FUNC.
  6. Push the joystick left and select the Trash Can.
  7. Press SET.
  8. Push the joystick up or down and select All Scenes.
  9. Press SET.
  10. Push the joystick right and select YES . You will see a message: All Scenes Delete The scene(s) will also be deleted from the playlist.
  11. Press SET.   You can press SET to interrupt the operation while it is in progress.  Some scenes will be deleted nevetheless.
  12. Press SET.  You will see a message:  Process completed successfully OK
  13. Press FUNC to return to the index screen.

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