Restoring the camera's default settings (EOS 6D)

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Restoring the camera???s default settings (EOS 6D)


You can restore the default settings of shooting functions and menu functions.

1. Set the power switch to <ON>.

2. Press the <MENU> button to display the menu screen.

3. Under the [
] tab, select [Clear all camera settings], then press <SET>.

4. Select [OK], then press <SET>.

Setting [Clear all camera settings] will reset the camera to the following default settings:
Shooting Settings
AF operationOne-Shot AFExposure compensation/AEB0
AF point selectionAutomatic selectionFlash exposure compensation0 (Zero)
Metering mode
(Evaluative metering)
Multiple exposureDisable
ISO speedAutoHDR ModeDisable HDR
ISO speed rangeMinimum limit: 100
Maximum limit: 25600
Mirror lockupDisable
Auto ISO rangeMinimum limit: 100
Maximum limit: 12800
Custom FunctionsUnchanged*1
ISO Auto minimum shutter speedAutoFlash function settingsUnchanged*1
Drive mode
(Single shooting)

Image-recording Settings
Image quality
White balance bracketing0
Picture StyleAutoColor spacesRGB
Auto Lighting OptimizerStandardLong exposure noise reductionDisable
Peripheral illumination correctionEnable/
Correction data retained
High ISO speed noise reductionStandard
Chromatic aberration correctionEnable/
Correction data retained
Highlight tone priorityDisable
White balance
File numberingContinuous
Custom White BalanceCanceled*2Auto cleaningEnable
White balance correction0.0Dust Delete DataErase
Camera Settings
Auto power off1 min. LCD off/on buttonRemains on
BeepEnable Date/Time/ZoneUnchanged*1
Release shutter without cardEnable LanguageUnchanged*1
Image review2 sec. Video systemUnchanged*1
Highlight alertDisable Feature guideEnable
AF point displayDisable INFO. button display optionsAll items selected
Playback gridOff Custom shooting modeUnchanged*1
Histogram displayBrightness Copyright informationUnchanged*1
Magnification (Approx.)2x Eye-Fi transmissionDisable
Control over HDMIDisable My Menu settingsUnchanged*1
Image jump w/

(10 images)
Display from My MenuDisable
Auto rotateOn
LCD brightness
Live View Shooting Settings
Live View shootingEnableExposure simulationEnable
AF methodFlexiZone - SingleSilent LV shootingMode 1
Grid displayOffMetering timer16 sec.
Aspect ratio3:2

Movie Shooting Settings
AF methodFlexiZone - SingleTime code
Silent LV shootingMode 1Count upUnchanged*1
Metering timer16 sec.Start time settingUnchanged*1
Grid displayOffMovie recording countUnchanged*1
Movie recording size1920x1080/IPBMovie playback countUnchanged*1
Sound recordingAutoDrop frameUnchanged*1

Video snapshotDisable

*1: The setting is maintained.
*2: The image is deselected.



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