Using HDMI CEC TV Sets

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Using HDMI CEC TV Sets


Using HDMI CEC TV Sets

If the TV set connected to the camera with an HDMI cable is compatible with HDMI CEC*, you can use the TV set’s remote control for playback operations.

* An HDMI-standard function enabling HDMI devices to control each other so that you can control them with one remote control unit

1 Set [Ctrl over HDMI] to [Enable].

  • Under the tab, select [Ctrl over HDMI], then press <>.

  • Select [Enable], then press <>.

2 Connect the camera to a TV set.

  • Use an HDMI cable to connect the camera to the TV.

  • The TV’s input will switch automatically to the HDMI port connected to the camera.

3 Press the camera’s <> button.

  • An image will appear on the TV screen and you can use the TV’s remote control to play back images.

4 Select an image or movie.

  • Point the remote control toward the TV set and press the button to select an image.

5 Press the remote control’s Enter button.

  • The menu appears and you can perform the playback operations shown on the left.

  • Press the button to select the desired option, then press the Enter button. For a slide show, press the remote control’s   button to select an option, then press the Enter button.

  • If you select [Return] and press the Enter button, the menu will disappear and you can use the button to select an image.

  • Some TV sets require you to first enable the HDMI CEC connection. For details, refer to the TV set’s instruction manual.

  • Certain TV sets, even those compatible with HDMI CEC, may not operate properly. In such a case, set [: Ctrl over HDMI] to [Disable], and use the camera to control the playback operation.



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