Enter a PIN code
Article ID: ART136283 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Enter a PIN code


Enter a PIN code

Enter a PIN code

Use the Point buttons to enter a number. Press the Point button to fix the number and move the red frame pointer to the next box. The number changes to ?. If you fixed an incorrect number, use the Point button to move the pointer to the number you want to correct, and then enter the correct number.

Repeat this step to complete entering a four-digit number.

After entering the four-digit number, move the pointer to "Set". Press the OK button so that you can start to operate the projector.

If you entered an incorrect PIN code, PIN code and the number () will turn red for a moment. Enter the correct PIN code all over again.


•If the PIN code number is not entered or wrong PIN code number is entered within three minutes after the PIN code dialog box appeared, the projector will be turned off automatically.

•The "1234" is set as the initial PIN code at the factory

What is PIN code?

PIN (Personal Identification Number) code is a security code that allows the person who knows it to operate the projector. Setting a PIN code prevents unauthorized use of the projector.

A PIN code consists of a four-digit number. Refer to the PIN code lock function in the Setting Menu on pages 60-61 for locking operation of the projector with your PIN code.


If you forget your PIN code, the projector can no longer be started. Take special care in setting a new PIN code. Write down the number as a reminder. Should the PIN code be missing or forgotten, consult your dealer or service center.