AF-assist beam firing

Article ID: ART136288 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 11/04/2015


AF-assist beam firing


AF-assist beam firing

Enables or disables the EOS-dedicated Speedlite’s AF-assist beam

ON: Enable

The external Speedlite emits the AFassist beam when necessary.

OFF: Disable

The external Speedlite will not emit the AF-assist beam. This prevents the AFassist beam from disturbing others.

IR: IR AF assist beam only

Among external Speedlites, only models with an infrared AF-assist beam will be able to emit the beam. Set this if you do not want the AF assist to be emitted as small flashes.

If the external Speedlite’s Custom Function [AF-assist beam firing] is set to [Disable], this function’s setting will be overridden and the AF-assist beam will not be emitted



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