Part Names and Functions - Remote Control Unit

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Part Names and Functions - Remote Control Unit


Part Names and Functions - Remote Control Unit


  1.  POWER button - Turn the projector on or off

  2.  AUTO SET button - Execute the setting of Auto setup (includes Auto input, Auto PC and Auto Keystone functions) in the setting menu

  3. COMPUTER button - Select the COMPUTER input source

Note:  To ensure safe operation, please observe the following precautions:

  • Do not bend, drop or expose the remote control unit to moisture or heat.
  • For cleaning, use a soft dry cloth. Do not apply benzene, thinner, spray, or any chemical material.


4. VIDEO button - Select the VIDEO input source.

5. S-VIDEO button - Select the S-VIDEO input source

6. Point buttons – Select an item or adjust the value in the On-Screen Menu

7. ASPECT button - Select a screen mode.

8. MENU button  - Open or close the On-Screen Menu

9. FREEZE button - Freeze the picture on the screen

10. BLANK button - Temporarily turn off the image on the screen

11. D.ZOOM +/- buttons - Zoom in and out the images

12. VOLUME +/- buttons - Adjust the volume level

13. MUTE button - Mute the sound

14. IMAGE button - Select the image mode.

15. P-TIMER button - Operate the P-timer function

16. LAMP button - Select a lamp mode

17. Image button - Operate the information function

18. KEYSTONE button - Correct keystone distortion

OK button – Execute the selected item.  – Zoom in or out the image in Digital zoom mode.

COMPONENT button - Select the COMPONENT input source

HDMI button - Select the HDMI input source


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