Settings - Power management mode

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Settings - Power management mode


Settings - Power management mode

For reducing power consumption as well as maintaining the lamp life, the Power management mode function turns off the projection lamp when the projector is not operated for a certain period.

Select one of the following options:

Standby ......... When the lamp has been fully cooled down, the POWER indicator changes to green blinking. In this condition, the projection lamp will be turned on if the input signal is reconnected or any button on the top control or remote control unit is pressed.

Exit ................ When the lamp has been fully cooled down, the power will be turned off.

Off .................. Power management mode function is off.

Timer ............. If the input signal is interrupted and no button is pressed for more than 30 seconds, the timer display with No signal appears. It starts the countdown until the lamp is turned off. Use the Point buttons to set the Timer (1~30min).

Note:  Factory default is Standby: 5 min.

Direct power on

When this function is set to On, the projector will be automatically turned on just by connecting the AC power cord to a wall outlet.



Be sure to turn off the projector properly. If the projector is turned off in the incorrect sequence, the Direct power on function will not work properly


Standby mode

This function is available when operating the projector via network.

For LV-7292A, LV-7297A, LV-7392A, LV-8227A:

  • Network... Supply the power to the network function even after turning off the projector by pressing the POWER button on the remote control unit.
  • Eco.......... Select Eco when you do not use the projector via network. The projector’s network function will stop when turning off the projector, you can not turn on the projector via network.

Refer to the user’s manual of "Network Set-up and Operation".

For LV-7292M, LV-7297M, LV-8227M:

  • Serial ....... Does not restrict functionality even in standby mode.
  • Eco .......... Restricts some functions in standby mode to reduce power consumption.


  • When selecting Network, the cooling fans may be running depending on the temperature inside the projector even if the projector is turned off.
  • When Eco is selected and the projector is in Standby mode, the communication of RS-232C serial port is not available.
  • Network is only for LV-7292A, LV-7297A, LV-7392A, LV-8227A.




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