Error messages appear on the LCD monitor. (EOS 6D)

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Error messages appear on the LCD monitor. (EOS 6D)


If a problem occurs with the camera, an error message is displayed on the LCD.

If your camera displays an error screen like the one shown above, follow the displayed instructions to resolve the problem.

List of Error Messages & Solutions
Error code No. MessageSolution
Err 01Communications between the cameraand lens is faulty. Clean thelens contacts.Clean the electrical contacts on thecamera and lens or use a Canonlens.
Err 02Card cannot be accessed. Reinsert/change card or format cardwith camera.Remove and insert the card again,replace the card, or format thecard.
Err 04Cannot save images because card is full. Replace card.Replace the card, erase unnecessaryimages, or format the card.
Err 06Sensor cleaning is not possible. Turnthe camera off and onagain.Operate the power switch .
Err 10, 20
30, 40
50, 60
70, 80
Shooting is not possible due to an error. Turn the camera off andon again or re-install the battery.Operate the power switch, remove andinstall the battery pack again,or use a Canon lens.

*1 Please refer the IMPORTANT below.
*2 Please refer the CAUTION below.

If the same error keeps appearing, there may be a problem. Write down the error code and consult your nearest Canon Service Center.
When the card is formatted, all images and data in the card will be erased. Even protected images will be erased, so make sure there is nothing you need to keep. If necessary, transfer the images to a computer, etc., before formatting the card.
To format the memory card, please refer to the Related information.

How Do I Format the Card? (EOS 6D)



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