Settings - Filter Counter

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Settings - Filter Counter


Settings - Filter Counter

Filter counter

This function is used to set a frequency for the filter cleaning.

Use the Point buttons to select Filter counter and then press the Point or the OK button to access the submenu items.

Filter counter ......... Show the total accumulated time of the filter use timer setting.

Timer ..................... To set a timer, when the projector reaches the time, the Filter warning icon (Fig.1) appears on the screen and the total accumulated time turns red, indicating that the filter replacement is necessary.

Filter counter reset

... After replacing the filter, be sure to reset the timer. The Filter warning icon will not turn off until the filter counter is reset. For details about resetting the timer, refer to "Resetting the Filter Counter"


Filter warning icon

Filter warning icon appears on the screen at a set time (Off/2000H/3000H/4000H).


  • This icon also appears at turning on.
  • The Filter warning icon (Fig.1) will not appear when the Display function is set to Off, during Freeze, or Blank.

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