White Balance Correction

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White Balance Correction


White Balance Correction

You can correct the white balance that has been set. This adjustment will have the same effect as using a commercially-available color temperature conversion filter or color compensating filter. Each color can be corrected to one of nine levels.

This function is for advanced users who are familiar with using color temperature conversion or color compensating filters.

White Balance Correction

1 Select [WB Shift/Bkt.].

  • Under the tab, select [WB Shift/Bkt.], then press <>.

2 Set the white balance correction.

  • Use <> to move the “ ” mark to the desired position.

  • B is for blue, A for amber, M for magenta, and G for green. The color in the respective direction will be corrected.

  • On the upper right, “Shift” indicates the direction and correction amount.

  • Pressing the <> button will cancel all the [WB Shift/Bkt.] settings.

  • Press <> to exit the setting and return to the menu.

  • When the while balance is corrected, <> will be displayed in the viewfinder and on the top LCD panel.

  • One level of the blue/amber correction is equivalent to approx. 5 mireds of a color temperature conversion filter. (Mired: Measuring unit indicating the density of a color temperature conversion filter.)


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