Saving and Loading Camera Settings

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Saving and Loading Camera Settings


Saving and Loading Camera Settings

The camera’s shooting modes, menus, Custom Functions, and other camera settings can be saved to the card as a camera settings file.

When this file is loaded by the camera, the saved camera settings will be applied.

Convenient when you want to load the camera settings from a different EOS-1D X body and set the camera in the same way. Or you can save and load different camera settings for different shooting situations

1 Select [Save/load cam settings on card].

  • Under the [4] tab, select [Save/load cam settings on card], then press <>.


2 Select [Save to card].

  • Turn the <> dial to select [Save to card], then press <>.



3 Select [Start].

  • Turn the <> dial to select [Start], then press <>.

  • The camera settings will be saved to the card, and the screen in step 2 will reappear.

  • If you select [Change file name], you can change the file name (8 characters) and save the file.

For the procedure, see “Changing the File Name”. The number of characters that can be entered will be different, but the procedure for entering the file name is the same

Saved Settings

? Shooting functions

Shooting mode + exposure setting, ISO speed, AF mode, AF area selection mode, AF point, Metering mode, Drive mode, Exposure compensation amount, Flash exposure compensation amount

? Menu functions

1] White balance, Set Custom WB, White balance Shift/Bracketing, Color space, Picture Style, Lens aberration correction (Peripheral illumination correction, Chromatic aberration correction), Multiple exposure (settings)

Image review, Beep, Release shutter without card, External Speedlite control (Flash firing)

(Movie)] Silent Control, Movie shooting button

[AF 5] Manual AF point selection pattern, AF point display during focus, VF display illumination, AF status in viewfinder

[2] Slide show, Image jump with

[3] Highlight alert, AF point display, Playback grid, Histogram, Movie play count, Magnification (approx.)

Recording function+card/folder selection (Recording function), File numbering, File name, Auto rotate

Auto power off, LCD brightness, VF grid display, INFO button display options

Sensor cleaning (Auto cleaning), GPS device settings (Position update timing, Digital compass)

Restrict shooting modes, Restrict metering modes, Metering used in manual exposure, Set shutter speed range, Set aperture range

Viewfinder info. during exposure, LCD panel illumination during Bulb, Recording card, image size setting

My Menu settings  All the menu settings under the following menu tabs will be saved


Loading Camera Settings

In step 2, select [Load from card]. Up to ten camera settings files saved in the card will be displayed. When you select the desired file, it will be loaded and the settings will be applied to the camera.

  • Up to ten camera settings files can be saved in a card. If the card already has ten camera settings files, you can either overwrite an existing file, replace the card, or save to another card.

  • Camera settings files saved with a camera other than the EOS-1D X cannot be loaded to this camera.


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