Part Names and Functions

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Part Names and Functions


Part Names and Functions

1. Top controls and Indicators

2. Zoom Ring

3.  Focus Ring

4.  Speaker

5. Infrared Remote Receiver

6.  Projection Lens

7.  Lens Cap


Do not turn on a projector with lens cap attached. High temperature from light beam may damage lens cap and result in fire hazard.

8.  Air Intake Vent


fan is equipped in this projector, do not block the Air Intake Vent, otherwise it may cause a fire

 9. Lamp Cover

10.  Terminals and Connectors

11.  LAN Connection Terminal

(LAN Connection Terminal is only for LV-7292A, LV-7297A, LV-7392A, LV-8227A.)


LAN Connection Terminal is for the Network function. Refer to the user’s manual of "Network Set-up and Operation" .

12.  Power Cord Connector


Replace only with the same types of the supplied cords or cables. Using improper cords or cables may cause an electric shock or a fire.

13.  Exhaust Vents


Hot air is exhausted from the exhaust vent. Do not put heat-sensitive objects near this side.

 14. Air Intake Vent (Filter)

 15. Adjustable Foot

Kensington Security Slot

This slot is for a Kensington lock used to deter theft of the projector. *Kensington is a registered trademark of ACCO  Brands Corporation.

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