Selecting a Feed Amount Adjustment Method (Feed Priority) (iPF9400) (iPF9400S)

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Selecting a Feed Amount Adjustment Method (Feed Priority) (iPF9400) (iPF9400S)



There are two methods of adjusting the paper feed amount, Print Quality and Print Length, either of which will be applied during printing.
Since the method that is applied during printing is determined from the value of the Adj. Priority setting, configure the Adj. Priority to match the print target.



  • Print Quality : Adjusts the feed amount to reduce banding across the sheet in printed documents.
Adj. Quality settings are applied. When Adj. Fine Feed is executed, the Adj. Fine Feed settings are applied in addition to the Adj. Quality settings.
  • Print Length : Adjusts the feed amount for better accuracy of lines in printed documents.
The settings of A:High or B:Standard/Draft in Adjust Length are applied.
  • Automatic : Print Quality or Print Length is selected, depending on Print Priority as selected in the printer driver at the time of printing.
  • Either A:High or B:Standard/Draft in the Adjust Length menu is applied, depending on printer driver settings at the time of printing.



Follow these steps to configure the settings.



1. Load the paper.



2. On the Tab Selection screen of the Control Panel, press or to select the Settings/Adj. tab ().

  • If the Tab Selection screen is not displayed, press the Menu button.



3. Press the OK button.
The Set./Adj. Menu is displayed.



4. Press or to select Adjust Printer, and then press the OK button.



5. Press or to select Feed Priority, and then press the OK button.



6. Press or to select Adj. Priority, and then press the OK button.



7. Press or to select Automatic, Print Quality, or Print Length, and then press the OK button.




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