Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction

Article ID: ART136551 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 10/22/2015


Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction


Lens Peripheral Illumination

Peripheral light fall-off occurs in lenses whose characteristics make the image corners look darker

1 Select [Lens aberration correction].

  • Under the tab, select [Lens aberration correction], then press <>.

2 Select the setting.

  • Check that [Correction data available] is displayed for the attached lens.
  • Turn the <> dial to select [Peripheral illumin.], then press <>.
  • Select [Enable], then press <>.
  • If [Correction data not available] is displayed, see “About the Lens Correction Data”

3 Take the picture.

  • The image will be recorded with the peripheral illumination corrected

Depending on shooting conditions, noise may appear on the image periphery.

  • The correction amount applied will be slightly lower than the maximum correction amount settable with Digital Photo Professional (provided software).

  • The higher the ISO speed, the lower the correction amount will be.

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