Processing RAW Images with the Camera

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Processing RAW Images with the Camera


Processing RAW Images with the Camera

You can process RAW images with the camera and save them as JPEG images. While the RAW image itself does not change, you can process the RAW image according to different conditions to create any number of JPEG images from it.

Note that and images cannot be processed with the camera. Use Digital Photo Professional (provided software) to process those images.

1 Select [RAW image processing].

  • Under the [2] tab, select [RAW image processing], then press <>.

    • 1 images will be displayed.



2 Select an image.

  • Turn the <> dial to select the image you want to process.

  • If you press the <> button and turn the <> dial counterclockwise, you can select an image from the index display.



3 Process the image.

  • Press <> and the RAW-processing options will appear

  • Use <> to select an option, then turn the <> dial to set it.

    • The displayed image will reflect “Brightness adjustment”, “White balance”, and the other setting adjustments.

  • To return to the image settings at the time of shooting, press the <INFO> button.

Displaying the setting screen

  • Press <0> to display the selected function’s setting screen. Turn the <> or <> dial to change the setting. To return to the screen in step 3, press <0>.

4 Save the image.

  • Select (Save), then press <>.
  • Select [OK] to save the image.
  • Check the destination folder and image file number, then select [OK].
  • To process another image, repeat steps 2 to 4.
  • Press the <MENU> button to return to the menu.


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