How to set Continuous Shooting_
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How to set Continuous Shooting


You can shoot pictures continuously as long as you hold down the shutter button.
  • The following explanations are provided based on the assumption that the [Shooting Mode] is set to [Program] (
  • Cannot be used with the self-timer.
  • During continuous shooting, the focus position and exposure will be fixed at what they were when the shutter button was half-pressed.
  • Depending on the shooting conditions, the camera settings and the zoom position, the camera may stop shooting momentarily, or the shooting speed may slow down.
  • As the number of images increases, the shooting speed may slow down.
  • If the flash fires, the shooting speed may slow down.
For details on the shooting modes in which the [Continuous] (
) settings cannot be made, please see the table at the end of this section.

1. Press the <Power> button.

2. Press the <FUNC./SET> (
) button.

3. The following screen appears on the LCD monitor.

Operate the <directional buttons> up or down to select the [Drive Mode] (

Operate the <directional buttons> left or right to select the [Continuous] (
After the selection is made, press the <FUNC./SET> button (

4. The following screen appears on the LCD monitor.

If the [Continuous] (
) icon is displayed on the upper-left part of the screen, the setting is completed.
As long as you hold the <shutter button> down, the camera will shoot successive images.
Information for the PowerShot G15 and PowerShot S110
  • If you use Face ID in [
    ], the name recorded in the image will be fixed to the location where it is displayed in the first shot. Even if the subject moves, the name will stay fixed in the same position for any subsequent shots.
The following three drive modes are available. Please select them according to the scene being shot.
Drive ModeDescription

The camera shoots continuously with the focus and exposure set when the shutter button is pressed halfway.

Continuous Shooting AF*
The camera shoots continuously and focuses.
The [AF Frame] is set to [Center].

Continuous Shooting LV*
The camera shoots continuously with the focus fixed to the position set in manual focus. In (
), the focus is locked on the first shot.
* When in [Fireworks] (

) mode, [AF lock] or manual focus (
) modes, [Continuous Shooting AF] (
) will change to [Continuous Shooting LV] (

For details on the models that are equipped with each of the drive modes (
Continuous Shooting /
Continuous Shooting AF /
Continuous Shooting LV) and the maximum speeds of the drive modes, please see the table below.
ModelMaximum Speed (Approx. Images/sec.)

PowerShot G15 / PowerShot S1102.10.90.9
PowerShot SX50 HS2.20.80.9
PowerShot SX500 IS / PowerShot SX160 IS0.80.50.6

... The continuous shooting settings cannot be made in any of these shooting modes.

... Shooting mode is not available on this model

ModelShooting Modes

PowerShot G15 / PowerShot S110 / PowerShot SX50 HS

PowerShot SX500 IS / PowerShot SX160 IS