Metered Manual Flash Exposure

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Metered Manual Flash Exposure


Metered Manual Flash Exposure

This function is for close-up flash photography when you want to set the flash level manually. Use an 18% gray card and an EX-series Speedlite with manual flash mode. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Set the camera and Speedlite settings.
    • Set the camera’s shooting mode to <M> or <Av>.

    • Set the Speedlite to manual flash mode.

  2. Focus the subject.
    • Focus manually.

  3. Set up the 18% gray card.
    • Place the gray card at the subject’s position.

    • In the viewfinder, the entire spot metering circle should cover the gray card.

  4. Press the <M-fn> button.

    5.   Set the flash exposure level.

  • Adjust the Speedlite’s manual flash level and the camera aperture so that the flash exposure level aligns with the standard exposure index.

    6. Take the picture.

  • Remove the gray card and take the picture.





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